About YWM

I am: a young professional, an entrepreneur, an artist, a graduate, a twenty-something… and I am poor with the goal of not being poor in a year. I’m a bit of an autodidact on the subject of finance–both personal and business–and I have a plan–both personal and business–  for becoming financially successful. Because let’s face it, Marilyn was right: “Money isn’t everything, but it sure helps.”

This is: a blog about finance for young professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, graduates and all twenty-somethings who are broke, but do not wish to be broke any longer. It will feature posts about saving, spending, planning and dreaming in terms of what is possible for us to do today. I will read, gather information, ask experts and use my experience to write helpful posts about being young without money (with the possibility of being old with money).

It will: cover my financial history and knowledge up until this point and continue to chronicle it. It will (someday) have guest posts by top financiers, teach twenty-somethings how to start planning for retirement now (yes, now), and provide advice on how to save and spend wisely (so living paycheck to paycheck becomes a thing of the past).

It can: be helpful for those who are confused about the difference between Traditional 401(k)s and Roths. De-mystify taxes. Provide a plan to get out of debt. Educate about student loans. Explain interest. And much, much more.

To really know what this blog is all about, I highly suggest reading my initial post, Tennessee Williams, as it outlines what I am and am not and what this blog is and is not.

(Please note that all the info/advice I provide is from research and experience. I am by no means an expert. Nor am I licensed. I didn’t even take a business course in college. In fact, any financial advice you ever receive–professional or not– should be taken, as they say, with a grain of salt. In this case, a HUGE grain of salt. You’ve been warned.)

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