Back by Popular Demand

After a 5-month hiatus– in which I kept using money, just not writing about it– I’ve heard from other YoungWithoutMoney-ers that they’ve missed the blog, and have often come back to look at older info or referenced the site to their besties. Due to guilt and a refreshed mind of ideas, I’ve decided to come back to the blogosphere to pick up where we left off, just like old friends.

I’ve moved to Canada. Sorry, old friend. There are several weird things about this country, financially speaking:

1). There are now foreign transactions fees for me to worry about.

2.) I have to move Canadian Dollars to my American accounts to pay the couple (student loan) bills I have in the USA, which is time-consuming and not free. Annoying.

3.) Their cards have microchips on the bottom that they stick (not slide) into the machine thing. Not having a chip card to use is very awkward. People are like, “Oh, from the States, eh?” And I’m like… “Yes. Eh.”

4.) The American dollar is stronger right now. What?

5.) Their money feels like plastic. And has the Queen on it. The Queen of England.

6.) They have (and USE) $1 and $2 coins. That they call “loonies” and “toonies.”

7.) Minimum wage is $10.50.

8.) Living in another country means I get to start my credit history allllll over again. It’s like New Years! Fresh and clean– without mistakes!

9.) There are no Spicy McChicken’s. That’s not financial, just important.

10.) There are a ton of co-ops here, meaning you can pay to be a member of some co-op and reap the benefits. Hippies.


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