IDK Wednesday: Christmahanakwanzaa

Hey, gang!

Sorry about my lack of post on Sunday. I was out of town with my very boyfriend (who spends most of his time in a foreign country learning things), so I devoted my attention fully to him and had none leftover to write a post.

Nevertheless, here is a helpful list of ways to afford gifts for your loved ones this holiday season.

1. Make a list. I know it seems weird to prioritize your loved ones, but you need two lists: “people who need real gifts” and “people who don’t.” The first list usually includes: mom. dad. significant other. Et cetera. The second list usually includes: everyone else. Sorry, but when you’re poor, you need to figure out who can live with getting a big fat hug for Christmas.

2. Buy the real gifts as cheap as possible. Mom wants some new perfume that you can’t afford? Get the trial size and say you wanted to be sure she liked it before you got the big bottle. Dad wants some new gadget? Coordinate with your sibs and get it together. You get the drift.

3. For the people on your second list that you fee to guilty not giving anything, why not host a Secret Santa or White Elephant party and put the limit as high as you can without breaking the bank. Having the fun time together with your friend-family will make up for not getting them super awesome gifts.

4. Give of yourself or your time. Even if you can’t afford to give all friends and family a tangible gift, you can always give of yourself or of your time. Offer to clean the whole house as a gift to mom. Give your friend a voucher to use to call on you at any time in the night to pick them up from a bar, or to help move them out of their apartment at the end of their lease.

5. Get crafty. Pinterest was created literally for this moment. Find a cool, funky thing to create that doesn’t cost a lot of money and make it for your roommates.


2 thoughts on “IDK Wednesday: Christmahanakwanzaa

  1. I just want to say…I love your blog. Im glad that we are still friends on FB so I get the chance to read it! Glad youre doing well!! Merry Christmas.

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