Preemptive Strike

Remember in my last post I talked about needing to know yours and your partner’s  spending personality? Well, today we’re going to focus on that.

Why is this important? Well let me ask you: do you know what toothpaste your partner uses? Which side of the bed they sleep on? Whether they’re a morning or night person? How they like their coffee?

Hopefully the answer is yes.

Now let me ask you: do you know how your partner feels about money? What they’d do if they got a $50,000 inheritance? How they feel about sharing finances? How they feel about a splurge sesh?

If the answers to most of these questions are no, you should be just as worried as if the answers to the first questions I asked are no.

How could you want to combine your life with someone before you know how your financial life together is going to be? Would you want to marry someone before you kissed them, banking on the fact that they seem nice to kiss that your sex life will be good?


Like I said, talking money might not be as exciting as those sweet-nothings whispered into your ear, but I promise–talking about your money-life is a different kind of exciting. You feel empowered, more cooperative. Guess what the number one thing people go to couple’s counseling about? Money. Let’s keep you and hubby out of the doc’s office with some preemptive strikes.

First, find out what you like to do with money. Then find out what your partner likes to do with money. Try this quiz. Then talk about your answers. Explain any discrepancies, so that the other will understand.

Knowing each other–in the money sense– is the first step to a happy together-life. Get on it.


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