IDK Wednesday: when you can’t afford the bare necessities

Having trouble with having enough money?

1. Slash the budget. Figure out what you can do without. Do you really need cable tv? Do you need the most expensive data plan for your phone? The answer is probably no. Call and have them cut off or reduced. You can always bring them back into your life later when you can afford it. But if you literally cannot pay for it and still have money left over, you need to reevaluate.

2. Negotiate. Call the credit card  company and loan company and car loan company and explain that you’re financial times aren’t so good. They want to work with their customers– especially if you’ve been paying so far. They’ll probably give you rebates, lower the monthly payment, change the interest rate… any number of things to ensure you will keep paying instead of defaulting. I promise. It may seem scary, but you can do it! Be your own hero!

3. Cut back on what you can’t slash. Can you save money on gas by driving your car less? Are you buying smart at the grocery store or are you spending most of your money on junk food? Do you have the best insurance rates? Are you sure you’re not wasting water or electricity?

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